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Pam Netzky
Co-Founder and President, SkinnyPop
“At Latin, I learned how to persevere through challenges.”

Pam Netzky '93 is the first to admit that she was not the world's best student at Latin. "School did not come easily or naturally for me," she said. But making it through did teach her skills that have served her well. "At Latin, I learned how to persevere through challenges."

Netzky has seen more than her share of professional challenges as she has followed her passions and her entrepreneurial spirit to build a SkinnyPop empire.

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Class of '93

Ike Barinholtz
“There were years between jobs – very long years – when I was wondering whether I should have really gone into finance. But somehow I was able to always bluff my way into a part or a writing job. I think people realized that I was willing to do just about anything.”

Ike Barinholtz '95 is having a good year. He has his dream job playing Morgan Tookers, an ex-con male nurse with a heart of gold, on "The Mindy Project" while at the same time writing for the show with his longtime fellow alum and writing partner Dave Stassen '95. Read More.

Class of '95

Erin Hanlon
“Latin taught me from a young age how to be organized, think critically and manage a rigorous academic load.”

Erin Hanlon '95 always knew she'd be a teacher – she just imagined her students would be a bit younger.

"I've wanted to be a teacher since I was a small child," she said. "I had envisioned being a kindergarten or grade school teacher, so my current career path is somewhat different than what I thought it might be." Read More.

Class of '95

Lisa Madigan
Illinois's first female Attorney General
“I received an outstanding education at Latin.”

Even in high school, Illinois Attorney general Lisa Madigan stood out because of her political awareness and commitment to social justice issues. She was active in student government, and vocal about her opinions on topics ranging from women's rights to apartheid in South Africa. Madigan went on to study government at Georgetown University and worked for Illinois Sen. Paul Simon in Washington, D.C. After college, she spent a year volunteering as a high school teacher in South Africa.

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Class of '84

Billy Dec

Entertainment Entrepreneur, Restaurateur

“Latin opened my eyes to how much could be accomplished if I took things seriously. If I want something, I know I just have to put the work in to get it. That has turned out to have a really great impact on my life.”

"You have one life. Why not give a little to make things better for yourself and those around you?"

By his early 20s, Billy Dec was known as Chicago's leading nightclub impresario. These days he is making a name for himself nationally as one of the city's most successful restaurateurs and entertainment entrepreneurs. Read More.

Class of '90

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