About Us

Gracure Pharmaceutical Ltd. is a Delhi based pharmaceutical company, established in 1992 by Mr. A.S Bhargava with the vision of making world class affordable medicines. Gracure is a research driven forward looking pharmaceutical company with expertise in development of various… Read More

Our Products

Our network consists of customers and partners in over 20+ countries. Perhaps the only thing larger than our network is our product range. Proving our mettle time-and-again – we produce cutting-edge products that keep diseases at bay. Our integrated manufacturing capability… Read More

Quality Management

A Quality par-excellence, delivering seamlessly is our hallmark. Gracure’s quality supervision is demonstrated at all phases of product life cycle. Quality evaluation begins with careful documentation. This ensures compliance with good laboratory practices and consequently integrity of the data produced. Quality supervision is continued for production, distribution and conclusion for shelf life of product. Our commitment to quality and adherence to best practices has proven itself time and again. Gracure… Read More

Research & Development

The company has dedicated and Government approved R & D department well equipped with the latest equipments and is supported by a large pool of scientists who continuously work towards new products. The R&D is involved in developing generic pharmaceuticals encompassing all oral solid and liquid dosage form including tablets, capsules, syrups & external preparations including ointments &… read more

Our capabilities and capacities... read more

Business Development

Being in business for last 21 years, we have developed a deep understanding of global markets and gained experience & skill needed to succeed in areas of product development, manufacturing, regulatory and marketing. We understand the need of our global business partners and strive to deliver best value to them. We offer cost effective alternatives to our potential partners who are interested in developing, manufacturing & commercializing their generic products.… Read More


We operate through following business models


Contract Development & Manufacturing


Sales & Marketing


Contract Manufacturing


Out-Licensing & Contract Manufacturing


Gracure Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a leading Contract Research Organization operates its manufacturing facilities from Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) & Nalagarh (Himachal Pradesh). The state of the art facilities is developed as per current GMP guidelines. The pharma company possesses a… Read More

Contact Us

Head Office

Gracure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
251-254, 2nd Floor, DLF Tower,
Block - IV, 15 Shivaji Marg,
Delhi- 110 015

Email :

Tel : 91 - + 91 - 11 - 47770900

Fax : + 91 - 11 - 47770999

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