McWane Family of Companies

Ductile Iron Pipe

McWane, Inc.'s ductile iron pipe facilities make products that bring safe, clean water to our homes and businesses. Corrosion resistant, for longevity in water and sewage systems, and machinable,  for ease in field modifications, ductile iron pipe surpasses its competitors in terms of durability, strength and ductility and is lighter and more cost-effective than cast iron. Ductile iron maintains a maximum margin of safety against service failures and provides a durable and reliable solution for utility systems.

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Cast iron soil pipe made by McWane, Inc. facilities offers advantages such as strength, corrosion resistance and noise reduction that cannot be found in any other commercial piping. Cast iron pipes are also much quieter, muffling the noise from rushing wastewater more effectively than other options. Our pipe is strong enough to lie beneath building foundations and resistant to expansion and contraction caused by extreme temperatures. Iron pipes also possess superior fire safety qualities: they cannot burn; they do not produce toxic smoke in fires as some other products do; and they can be passed safely through firewalls. With high ring crushing loads, iron pipes can be buried or encased in concrete for decades of trouble-free service.

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Fire Suppression

McWane, Inc.’s fire safety product manufacturing divisions are recognized worldwide as a leader in the industry through their manufacture of quality, innovative commercial-grade fire suppression products. 

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Valve and Hydrant

Valves manufactured by McWane, Inc. facilities are designed in a range of configurations, from in-ground valves suitable for home water service to large industrial grade products. Check valves and pressure-relief valves provide one-way fluid passage, while valves with butterflies, eccentric plugs, gates, and resilient wedges can meet nearly any high-pressure need. The foundries provide gear cases, chain wheels and position indicators necessary for industrial applications. They also manufacture and market globally UL Listed and FM Approved valves and accessories under the Kennedy Valve brand for water based fire protection systems.

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Waterworks Fittings

McWane, Inc. utility fittings companies provide the joints, bends, splitters and various connectors used to connect piping for potable water for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

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McWane Technology

McWane Technology is focused on acquiring and building market-leading companies through the employment and development of a range of high technologies. We believe value is created through solid strategy, strong execution, and profitable growth — not through financial engineering.

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McWane Global

McWane Global develops the international and domestic growth of McWane across many sectors and industries. McWane Global is leading the long term growth of McWane, both at home and abroad.

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Pressure Vessels

Through five U.S. and one Australian facility, Manchester Tank offers a full line of pressure vessels, from D.O.T. propane cylinders and ASME tanks to hand-held torches, all provided in a wide range of sizes and shapes and all conforming to strict code requirements and safety standards.

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Utility Poles

McWane has developed a new product for the electric utility industry, and that product is ductile iron utility poles. McWane is using the extensive talents of our team members to become a reliable, quality supplier to the electric utility industry with our ductile iron distribution poles.

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